Winter -Skiing

During wintertime you can experience magnificent northern light, while you relax in the jacuzzi or sauna, go skiing in the wonderful mountains and enjoy the true beauty of winter in Northern-Norway. This place offers great skiing-opportunities. 

Summer - Fishing

When it is summer you can enjoy swimming and beach life, hiking to the top of mountains, for instance Skamtind og Tromtind. Another recommended activity is fishing, as one of the best rivers in Norway for fishing trout is located nearby. You can also fish salmon and other fish. In addition to fishing in rivers, there are also great lakes for fishing, as well as a possibility to to rent boats or even fish together with professional fishermen from Tromvika. This is an area popular among hikers, climbers and kayakers.

Autumn - Hunting

The autumn is spectacular as well, with wild berries you can pick, mountain hiking, fishing and great hunting-opportunities. Tromvik is especially known for a great place to hunt grouse. The hunting-season is from Ocotber 1st to 23rd of December. We are more than willing to help you with acquiring a hunters-license.

All year - Hiking